Aiou Solved Assignment Spring 2023 Corse Code 221-1

کورس:انگلش 2

کوڈ : 221

مشق نمبر1

پروگرام : میٹرک

سمسٹر:بہار 2023

Q.1. In unit 1 you read the dialogue between Asmah and Bisma. Write down the name of the things they have and things that they need in the following columns.

Q.2. In Unit 1 you learnt about different nouns. Define the following and explain with examples. Proper nouns

  1. Common nous
  2. Collective nouns
  3. Countable nouns
  4. Uncountable nouns

Q.3. In Unit 2 you read about suggestions. What suggestions will you give to the following people in problem. Give at least 2 suggestions each.

  1. A boy who has failed in matric exams.
  2. A girls who lost her jewelry.
  3. A man who does not have a job.
  4. A senior citizen who smokes 10 cigarettes in a day.
  5. A person who is sad.

Q.4. Read Unit 1, page 11, 12. Fill in the blanks using “few” or “little”.

  1. There is …………………. money in the wallet.
  2. I’ve got a ……………books.
  3. My father has got a ……………. cigarettes in the packet.
  4. I can’t wait for you. I’ve got ……………time.
  5. Sidra has got a ……………. English books.
  6. Hooria has got a ……………. friends.
  7. There is…………. batter left. We need to buy same.
  8. There are…………. people at the cinema as the film is not very good.
  9. I have got………. magazines. I prefer books.
  10. There is a………. pizza in the fridge if you are hungry.

Q.5. In Unit 3 you learnt about requests. What request will you make to these people?

  1. A receptionist in a hotel
  2. Your uncle
  3. Your boss at the office
  4. The hawker who provides newspapers to you
  5. The lady sitting at the desk at the doctor’s clinic
  6. A stranger on the road
  7. Your parents
  8. A librarian
  9. Your best friend
  10. Your younger brother

Q.6. Read Unit 3, about the sentences showing cause and effect. Now write five different pairs of sentences similar to the one given in the example. Use words such as therefore, so, because follow the given example.

For example: “it was terrible hot, so I couldn’t go out”. Effect

“I couldn’t go out because it was terrible hot”. Cause

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-15 at 17.02.34.jpeg

Q7. In Unit 3 you read about Saeed’s problem. Keeping that in mind answer the following questions:

  1. Why is Saeed not happy with the environment around his house?
  2. How is the cinema responsible for creating pollution in the area?
  3. How is noise harmful for people?
  4. Why do you think the smoke emitting from the factory is harmful for people’s health?
  5. How can he solve his problem?


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