Aiou Solved Assignment Spring 2023 Corse Code 221-2

کورس:انگلش 2

کوڈ : 221

مشق نمبر2

پروگرام : میٹرک

سمسٹر:بہار 2023

Q1. In Unit 4 you studied how to describe people. Describe yourself in terms of appearance, attitude, behavior, personality, dressing etc

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Q2. Read Unit 5 carefully and answer the following questions:

  1. Why do we feel the need of using a library?
  2. How are the books found in a library?
  3. Why do libraries have reference sections?
  4. What are the uses of a dictionary?
  5. What are Encyclopedias?

  1. What are the uses of a dictionary?

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  1. What are Encyclopedias?

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Q3. Open your dictionary. Read the relevant dictionary pages and find out: (a) Meaning of ‘silver’

(b) At least two compound nouns of the word ‘monarch’.

(c) Find the pronunciation of ‘psychology’. Which word does it rhyme with?

(d) The synonym of the word ‘smart’.

(e) The definition of the word ‘sprinkle’.

Q4. Make two sentences for each homonym given below to differentiate their meaning.

Kind Mean Pound Ring Rock

Example: Watch

  1. I have to watch where he is going.
  2. I bought a new wrist watch for my son.

Q5. Read Unit 6 of the Text Book and explain the meaning of the following homophones by giving two examples each:

Example: Know, no

  1. I know everything in this book.
  2. There is no chance I can do this.
Our Sew Aloud Peace Die
Hour Sow Allowed Piece Dye

Q6. Write meaning of the following words in English and make sentences. You may get help from the dictionary.

Word Meaning Sentence

Q7. You want to make a new friend. Give your information in the following table:



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