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Aiou Solved Assignment Spring 2023 Corse Code 207-2 - AIOU Learning

Aiou Solved Assignment Spring 2023 Corse Code 207-2

کورس: انگلش

کوڈ : 207

مشق نمبر2

پروگرام: میٹرک

سمسٹر:بہار 2023

Q.1 In Unit 4, page 89 there is information given about a Cricket player and a Hockey player. Read the information carefully and write the likes and dislikes of the players.

Q.2 In Unit 4, you learnt how to express likes and Dislikes. We express our likes and dislikes in the following expressions.

  • I like swimming. (Like)
  • I hate hiking. (Dislike)

Write a paragraph of at least 100 words describing the city your friend lives in. Write about things that you like and dislike about it.

Q.3 In Unit 5 you learnt about travel plans. Suppose you travel from your country to another country. What are the things that you will require for your journey and why?

Q.4 You have learnt about comparative and superlative forms of the adjectives in unit 5. Now consult your dictionary or ask your tutor and write the comparative and superlative forms of the following words.

Words Comparative Superlati
i Simple
ii. Stylish
iii. Tiny
iv. Busy
v. Economical

Q. 5 In Unit 6, you learnt about formal and informal expressions for inviting people. You have to be formal while inviting your elders to an event and you can informally invite your youngers or the persons to whom you have friendly relations.

For example.

Would you please come to the dinner party? Formal

What about coming to the dinner party? Informal

Now write appropriate expressions in each of the following situations:

  1. You invite a group of your teachers at your current school to a dinner at school.
  2. You invite you class fellows for an annual dinner at a restaurant.
  3. You invite a teacher who taught you ten years ago, to dinner at home.
  4. You invite an old class fellow to lunch for the 20th time at home.
  5. You invite a new class fellow to dinner to the first time at home.

Q.6 In Unit 6 you learnt about tag questions. Write tags questions for the following statements?

i. He can’t eat.

ii. He cannot go to the market.

iii. He will go away.

iv. We lost the match.

v. He is dead.

Q.7 The given paragraph contains a story. Identify parts of speech used in it and write them in the following table:

Noun Verb Adjectives Conjunctions
Long ago, people lived happily under the rule of a king. The people of the kingdom were very happy as they led a very prosperous life with an abundance of wealth and no misfortunes. Once, the king decided to go visiting places of historical importance and pilgrim centres at distant places. He decided to travel by foot to interact with his people. People of distant places were very happy to have a conversation with their king. They were proud that their king had a kind heart. After several weeks of travel, the king returned to the palace. He was quite happy that he had visited many pilgrim centres and witnessed his people leading a prosperous life.

Q.8 Write a postcard to your brother while you are attending a workshop in Italy.


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