AIOU Course Code 8611-1 Solved Assignment Spring 2022

Assignment No. 1

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(Units: 1-4)

Total Marks: 100                                                                            Pass Marks: 50


Note: All questions carry equal marks


Q.1    How can a teacher serve as a critical thinker? How can a teacher’s critical thinking helpful to improve teaching and learning process?                                                          (20)

Q.2    Discuss in detail factors affecting social exclusion.                                          (20)

Q.3    Explain in detail the models of cooperative learning. How does cooperative learning helpful for developing critical thinking among students?                                            (20)

Q.4    How can a happy, pleasant and contented reflect on his/her students? Discuss in a group and present your critical analysis.                                                                         (20)

Q.5       Explain in detail David Kolb’s experimental cycle.


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