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AIOU Course Code 8605-2 Solved Assignment Spring 2022 - AIOU Learning

AIOU Course Code 8605-2 Solved Assignment Spring 2022

8605 2

Assignment No. 2

Q.1    Discuss the importance of classroom environment and give suggestions for Improving the classroom environment of our schools.                                                           (20)


The Importance Of The Classroom Environment | The Highly Effective Teacher The classroom environment can contribute to problems between students as well as reduce student engagement and learning. When teachers and schools give careful thought to how the environment is arranged, authentic learning is enhanced and incidental behaviour issues can be prevented.

A few years ago, I conducted an audit of a school setting to provide recommendations about the layout of the school and how it contributed to behaviour of the students.

The teachers found that many of the playground issues between students, occurred after the bell rang and students moved from the playground to the classrooms.

One high level hotspot was where a bottleneck occurred because of the placement of gardens and demountable classrooms. It was in this particular area and during a short period of time, where more students were hurt and more verbal and physical fights broke out.

Because the students were physically forced into closer proximity than was comfortable, they jostled each other as they ran back to class and the inevitable outcome was greater misunderstandings between students leading to relationship issues.

To remedy this situation, the school simply had to change the pathway. That means, make it wider, move some garden beds for the students to transition from the playground to the classroom in a calmer and safer manner.

This same approach is necessary across all areas of school.

The classroom environment can contribute to problems between students as well as reduce student engagement and learning. When teachers and schools give careful thought to how the environment is arranged, authentic learning is enhanced and incidental behaviour issues can be prevented.

1. Declutter

An organised, uncluttered space is free from distractions and keeps the focus on the learning. Students need to be able to move around the space quickly and access resources easily.

Consider the most effective way to use shelving, tubs and storage in desks to maximise learning time. For example, if your kindergarten students are constantly knocking over the book boxes because they walk too close to them, then perhaps you need a different storage system.

Or if your Year 8 class wastes time when handing out materials, then you could consider having resource stations around the room which students access when they are ready.

Because movement breaks need to be incorporated into the structure of the class for optimal learning, students getting out of their seat can be a good thing!

2. Consider Sensory Needs

All people have sensory needs and if you are too hot, too cold, hungry, tired or thirsty your performance will be inhibited. For students to learn effectively, they need to be comfortable physically, emotionally and psychologically.

And teachers need to begin with the physical comfort and safety. While visual aids are necessary to help students organise their environment and how to use it, huge amounts of visual stimulation is distracting and meaningless.


Q.2    Critically examine the examination system in Pakistan.                                  (20)

Q.3    Differentiate the service register and stock register. Also highlight the importance of these registers for schools.                                                                                      (20)

Q.4    Explain the responsibilities of NBC and text book. Also give suggestions for improving the quality of textbook.                                                                                       (20)

Q.5    Explain the system of evaluation. Also critically examine the CIPP Model of evaluation.         (20)


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