AIOU Course Code 222 (1&2) Solved Assignments Autumn 2021

Allama Iqbal Open University is one of the largest universities in Pakistan, providing the best educational facilities to its students. This is a great platform for students to continue their education without any hindrance. The University provides excellent, hardworking, and talented teachers to promote distance education. The main purpose of the university is to provide education to those who want to continue their education but are able to get a formal education. That is why AIOU provides distance education to motivate students to be able to study.

The university facilitates workshops after one or two weeks in which students have to submit their assignments and other assignments. To help students here, we provide AIOU Resolved Assignments Fall 2021, which will be useful for them. These solved assignments help students to gain a better understanding of subjects and teacher lectures in order to excel.

AIOU Solved Assignment Code Matric 222 Autumn and Spring 2021 Course: Amli Gaza and Food (222) Spring 2021


Amli Ghaza aur Ghazayat (222) Matric (2 years)
Autumn  2021



Amli Ghaza aur Ghazayat (222) Matric (2 years)
Autumn  2021

Deadline to submit FA, Icom AssignmentsFull Credit (6 Credit Hours) Book Assignment Submission Date Spring 2021
Assignment No 1 20-02-2021 (Extended)
Assignment No 2 20-02-2021 (Extended)
Assignment No 3 20-02-2021 (Extended)
Assignment No 4 20-02-2021

And, here are the complete details about the deadline of the submission of these assignments.

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