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AIOU 221 (1&2) Solves Assignments Autumn 2021 - AIOU Learning

AIOU 221 (1&2) Solves Assignments Autumn 2021

Aiou matric semester autumn 2021 code 221 solved assignment

Course Code 221 Assignment 1

Q.1: In Unit 1, ‘Talking about Shopping’, you have learnt the correct quantity of things that you want to buy
from a bakery, a grocery store and a cloth shop……………………..
Ans: Correct Quantity
i- Silk cloth A metre of silk cloth ii- Sliced Cheese A packet of sliced cheese
iii- Desi Ghee A tin of Desi Ghee iv- Biscuits 2 boxes of biscuits
v- Juice 2 can of juices vi- Buttons A packet of buttons
vii- Flowers A bunch of flowers viii-   Coffee A jar of Coffee
ix- Apples 2 kilos of Apples x- Mutton Mince 1 kilo of mutton mince
Q.2: From the recorded text 2 in Unit 1, a conversation between a shopper and a salesman is taking place, tick
only those things that the shopper buys?
Ans: Correct Quantities:
1- A dozen apples. 2- A litre of milk.
3- Four bottle of Pepsi. 4- A tin of cooking oil.
5- Two packets of jelly. 6- A carton of mango juice
7- A jar of coffee. 8- A kilo of pistachios.
Q.3: In Unit 1 you have studied ‘Countable Nouns and Uncountable nouns’. Read the nouns given in the box
and then separate countable and uncountable nouns and write each in their respective columns.
Ans: Uncountable and Countable Nouns
Countable Nouns Mangoes, Potatoes, Biscuit, Onion, Clothes, Pins, Plants, Books
Uncountable Nouns Kheer, Flour, Tea, Hair, Juice, Salt, Beef, Butter, Petrol, Cream, Milk, Oil

Q.4:     You have read about ‘Giving Suggestions’. Do exercise 3 in which you will give suggestions to the people who suffer from the following problems.

Ans:  Giving Suggestions

Why don’t you consult a doctor and have a detailed check up? I think you should do what he says.

All I can suggest rather advise you is that try not to be let your probelms at work damage your personal life and health.

Take time off from work, change your eating habits, include a lot of fresh fruits, jucices, milk and green vegetables in your diet.

I also think you should start going for walks regularly, take enough rest, read good books, listen to music, watch films…. just relax and enjoy and forget about everything.

I think you really need to do all these if you want to feel healthy and fresh again. Follow my advice, take a break!


Q.5:     Read the text given on page 37 of Unit 2 carefully and then answer the following questions:

Ans:  Answers to the Questions.

i-          List the three main kinds of foods.

Ans: There are three main kinds of food, carbohydrates, fats and proteins. ii- Why do children need more nourishment than adults?

Ans:     Growing children need more proteins than adults. As children are much more active than adults and use more energy.

iii-        What causes weak bones and bow legs?

Ans: If children do not receive enough vitamin D, their bones will be weak and they may have bow legs. iv- What is scurvy?

Ans: It is a disease caused by the shortage of fresh foods. v- How can babies be prevented from scurvy?

Ans:     Babies should be given vitamins in orange juice to prevent scurvy.


Q.6:     Read Unit 3, about the sentences showing cause and effect. Now write five different pairs of sentences similar to the one given in the example. Use words such as therefore, so, because.


Ans:  Cause and Effects

  • We should save electricity because if we don’t we will have more energy problems in the country.
  • There is an urgent need to conserve water because conserving it helps in reducing pollution.
  • Pakistan has a serious illiteracy problem, due to which our progress is very slow.
  • He is weak, due to unbalance diet.
  • Conserving water is important as the world is faced with drought like conditions.
  • We all must make changes in our lifestyles as it is our individual duty to conserve water.

Q.7: How would you advise the following persons? i- Dayaan is suffering from Hepatitis.

Ans: Dayaan must consult a doctor immediaely and take prescribed Medicines. ii- Alia has a migraine.

Ans: Alia must consult a neurologist and include fruits and vegetables in her diet. iii- Ahmed is unhappy with his friends.

Ans: Ahmad should avoid such disturbing fellows. iv- Asif does not know how to speak Japanese. Ans: Asif should join some language academy.

v-         Wasi is mentally disturbed.

Ans:     Wasi should consult a psychotherapist and take prescribed medicines.

Q.8:     Read Unit 2. Write a paragraph about balanced diet for a 15 year old adult.

Ans:  Eating a Balanced Diet

If a person eats a proper, balanced diet then they can get all these important and essential ingredients. Babies, however, get very little to eat so they have to be given vitamins in orange juice is prevent scurvy, and cod liver oil to prevent rickets.

Q.9: read exercise 3 in Unit 3, and write the definitions of the following words. Consult a dictionary to write
their definitions.
Ans: i- Pollution
Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that cause adverse change.
ii- Solar energy
Solar energy means radiation from the sun capable for producing heat or generating electricity.
iii- Millennium
Millennium means a period of a thousand years.
iv- Overpopulation

The condition of having a population so dense as to cause environmental deterioration, an impaired quality of life, or a population crash.

v-         Environment

The surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates. “survival in an often hostile environment”.

Assignment 2

Q.1:     Read and listen to the recorded text 9 in Unit 4 and complete the following table with the relevant information about the three robbers.


Ans:  Information About the Robbers


Robber 1 Robber 2 Robber 3
Age group Young 30’s 20’s
Height Tall Average did not noticed
Colour & size of eyes Black and small not seen not seen
Hair colour & style Light, brown long hair tied at the back nicely trimmed black hair
Dress Trousers and blue coloured Blue Jean and a stripped Shalwar Qameez and a
half sleeve shirt black and white T-shirt. waistcoat
Complexion not seen Fair Not seen
Physique or built Strong Slim Not seen
Facial features Not seen Fair and short back beard Black moustaches


Q.2: Read the chart given on page 69 of Unit 4 carefully and describe the following people. i- Your Father


My father is an old gentleman in his 60’s. He has round face with large black eyes still shine bright. He has well trimmed grey hair and beard. He is a tall man about 6 and 2. He is quite thin and fair complextion. He is very sociable person.


ii-         Your Mother


My mother is a lady in her 40s. She has a round face with small black eyes that still shine bright. She has long black hair. She used to be a tall woman but now due to her age her height has shrunk. She is quite thin but still has a glowing complexion. She is a very sociable person and loves to have company around her.


iii-        Your Friend


My friend is a young boy of 15. His height is 5 feet 7 inches. His body structure is fat. He has olive complextion. His hair are curly and brown. His eyes are wide and he has long eye-lashes. He has a mole on his right cheek. He has round face and fat nose. He is very dandy (fashionable). He is a loving and co-operative person.


iv-        Your Teacher


Mrs. Sadia Ali is a teacher of class Six. She is a very kind teacher who allows students to play besides study. She is also very amiable and encouraging she loves her students. She keeps on smiling all the time and always admires her students for the good work they do. She has a forgiving nature and she always spares her students if they make some mistake unintentionally.



Q.3:     Go to page 93 and write about the four important kinds of reference books. What importance does each book give?


i-         Dictionaries


Dictionaries contain most of the words of any language and their meanings. Dictionaries also tell what part of speech each word belongs to. They tell how each word is pronounced. Some give examples of how a word can be used. Some dictionaries even tell the origin of the word, or what language it came from. Besides looking up word meanings, the dictionary helps your check spellings.


ii-        Encyclopedias


Suppose you need to do a report on the lost continent of Antlantis. The encyclopedia is a good place to start. An encyclopedia gives a summary of information on just about every subject you can think of. It is is often made up of 10 or 20 books called volumes. Subjects are listed alphabetically in each volume. For instance, the subject heading “Atlantis” would be found in the volume labelled A.


iii-   Almanacs


Almancs are mini encyclopedias. They are full of facts. They tell a tiny bit about many subjects. Since most almanacs come out yearly.


iv-    Atlases


Atlases contain maps of cities, states, countries and continents.


Q.4: Read Unit 5 carefully and answer the following questions. i- What are the three good reasons to use a library?


Ans:     We use a library because:


i-          It provides peaceful atmosphere.


ii- Books on all topics can be found over there. iii- It is economical and approachable.


ii- What are the two ways books are listed in the card catalog?
Ans: 1- Subject Card 2- Author Card
iii- What is a call number?
Ans: This is Dewey decimal number by which books are arranged in a library.
iv- What are the main reasons to use a dictionary?
Ans: The main reasons to use a dictionary are:
i- It gives meanings of all the difficult words.
ii- It also demonstrates the nature of words.
iii- It gives the details about origin of foreign words.
v- How an Almanac is different from an Encyclopedia?
Ans: Encyclopedia give a lot of information about every thing it has 10 to 20 volums. An almanic is published
yearly and contains only current affairs.
Q.5: Go to page 108, exercise 5. Where ‘Homonyms’ are explained. Homonyms have same spelling, same
sound but different meanings. Open up your dictionary and write at least two different meanings of the
following words.
i- Head ii- Bank iii- Bark iv- Light v- Fair


1- Head A part of human body.
Head Head of department.
2- Bank A place where something is stored.
Bank Edge of River.
3- Bark The covering of the trunk.
Bark Sharp cry of a dog.
4- Light Brightness.
Light Little in weight.
5- Fair Just.
Fair Festival.


Q.6:     Refer to Unit 6, page 104, some words are given in the box and arrange all these words in alphabetical


Bake Male Tale Take Jade Mail
Safe Date Cake Sale Nail LateFate


Ans:  Arranging the Words


Bake Cake Date Fate Fail Hate Jade Late
Male Mail Nail Safe Sale Take Tale


Q.7:     Read the passage given in Unit 6, page 116. Search for those simpler words which mean almost the same as the difficult words written in bold. You would find the explanations or simpler words from within text.

Words Meanings
1- Share Tell
2- Enriching Fertilizing
3- Awed Nervous
4- Scare Frighten
5- Rituals Procedures
6- Approached Came closer
7- Overwhelming Powerful
8- Perspective Outlook
9- Drastic Major


Q.8:     Refer back to Unit 6, exercise 16. Read the given words and write synonyms of each word.


i- Brave Bold ii- Furious Very Angry iii- Rich Wealthy
iv- Error Mistake v- Foe Enemy vi- Idea Thought
vii- Feeble Weak viii- Slim Smart ix- Sane Wise
x- Silly Foolish



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