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AIOU Course Code 8617-1 Solved Assignment Autumn 2022 - AIOU Learning

AIOU Course Code 8617-1 Solved Assignment Autumn 2022

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Course: Plan Implementation and Management (8617)           

Level: B.Ed (1.5 Years)             Semester: Autumn, 2022       



Q.1 Discuss the concept and importance of feasibility testing in the planning process. Define different measures that should be taken for plan feasibility testing.


A plan is a blueprint for achieving your business objectives. It’s a document that outlines what you will do to achieve those objectives, and when you will do it. A well-crafted plan will include detailed objectives, key milestones, resources and costs, and contingencies. But before you can write any of that down, you need to make sure it’s feasible—that it can be accomplished without exceeding your resources or leading to unforeseen problems. This is where feasibility testing comes in. When you conduct feasibility testing, you assess whether the proposed plan is feasible by checking its potential benefits and drawbacks. You might measure how much work is required to complete the task, how much money is required, and whether there are any risks associated with the proposal. There are a few different measures that should be taken for plan feasibility testing, including financial analysis, technical analysis, market research, and human resource assessment. By understanding each measure and how to use it, you can ensure that your plan is realistic and achievable.


Q.2 Analyze the present procedure of selection and appointment at various levels of education. Examine the sources of personnel recruitment for various jobs in education.                                                   


When looking for a new job, it’s important to be as informed as possible. That’s why it can be helpful to understand the present procedure of selection and appointment at various levels of education. In this blog post, we will examine the sources of personnel recruitment for various jobs in education. By doing so, you will have a better understanding of how the hiring process works and what factors affect your chances of being selected for a position.

The Selection Process

The selection process for personnel in education can be broadly categorised into three stages: pre-employment screening, on-the-job assessment, and….






Q.3 Evaluate the stages of project planning process. Why projects failed after careful planning. Write your point of view practical examples from the educational projects.                                                                     


Project planning is a critical process for any organization. Proper planning ensures that projects are completed on time and within budget, while minimizing the risk of failure. However, many organizations find that their projects ultimately fail because of poor planning. This article will explore the stages of project planning process and provide practical examples from educational projects. ### Topic: The Top Mistakes in Social Media Marketing Intro: Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate with our friends and family. It’s also revolutionized the way businesses market to their customers. But with great power comes great responsibility. That’s why it’s important to know the top mistakes in social media marketing so you can avoid them. In this article, we’ll discuss five common social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them. We hope this will help you get started on a successful social media marketing campaign………………………




Q.4 Critically analyse various types of Project appraisal. Identify the role of cost benefit analysis and cost effectiveness analysis in project appraisal. Justify your answer with suitable examples.                  

When it comes to making decisions about projects, it’s important to have an accurate understanding of the costs and benefits associated with them. One way to do this is through cost benefit analysis (CBA), which compares the costs and benefits of different options. Another way to assess a project’s feasibility is through cost effectiveness analysis (CEA). This evaluates how much money a particular project will save or generate compared to other possible options. CEA can be used to compare different types of projects, identify which ones are the most cost-effective, and make better decisions about where to allocate resources. In this blog post, we will explore various types of project appraisal and discuss their role in decision-making. We will also provide several examples that will help you understand how each type of analysis works…………



Q.5   Define the concept of project evaluation. Explain various kinds of project evaluation.   

A project evaluation is a process by which you assess the success of a specific project. It can be used to evaluate any type of project, whether it’s a new product launch, an improvement to an existing system, or anything in between. Different types of evaluation can help you better understand how well your project was executed and what could have been improved. In this blog post, we will discuss three different types of project evaluation and their benefits.

What is Project Evaluation?

Project evaluation is a process used to assess a project’s merits and identify any potential problems or deficiencies. Evaluation can cover a wide range of topics, including the effectiveness of the project management process, the design and feasibility of the project, and the impact of the project on stakeholders.


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