AIOU Course Code 8604-1 Solved Assignment Autumn 2022

Course Code 8604


Question No. 1


Discuss different methods used as a tool of acquiring knowledge. Compare the various steps in scientific method with steps in research process?         


As humans, we are constantly learning and growing. Whether it’s from reading, learning in school, or simply making new friends, we are always expanding our horizons. This is great news, as it means that we can continue to improve our lives and the lives of others. However, when it comes to acquiring knowledge, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s where research comes in. Research is a process used to acquire knowledge about something. It involves taking different steps in order to gather information about a topic. These steps can be divided into two categories: the scientific method and the research process.  we will discuss these steps in more detail and show you how they are used as a tool of acquiring knowledge. We will also compare them with each other so that you can better understand them.


Question No. 2

Describe different types of research categorized on the basis of methods used and the purpose of research.

In order to conduct effective research, you need to be familiar with the different methods used in the research process and their corresponding purposes. This article provides an overview of different types of research methods, along with a description of their purposes. By learning about these methods and how they can be used, you will be better equipped to choose the most appropriate method for your research project.

Experimental Research

There are different types of research that can be categorized on the basis of methods used and the purpose of research.

Experimental research is typically conducted with the goal of understanding how specific phenomena or objects work. For example, scientists may perform experiments to learn how heat affects objects, or to see how different substances interact.




Question No. 3

Discuss the concept of educational research. Also examine the need and importance of research in education.

Educational research is the process of investigating questions about learning and teaching. It’s a vital part of education, and it’s essential for ensuring that students are getting the best possible education. There are a number of things that educational researchers do, including studying how students learn, how different learning styles work, and how teachers can improve their teaching. Research in education is also important for informing policymaking decisions. For example, policymakers may use research to decide which educational methods work best for a given population or to help them make decisions about what resources to allocate to schools. So why is research so important? Most importantly, it helps ensure that students are getting the best possible education.

What is Educational Research?

Educational research is a vital part of the educational process. It helps educators improve the quality of their teaching and learning. Educational research also helps to identify best practices for teaching and learning.

There are many types of educational research, including experimental research, descriptive research, and correlational research. Experimental research is used to test hypotheses about how different interventions or conditions will affect student achievement. Descriptive research provides information about the characteristics of students or classrooms who are performing well or poorly in specific areas. Correlational research examines the link between two variables and tries to determine which one caused the other.

Question No. 4

What is an experiment and how you will conduct an experimental research? What will be the threats to internal and external validity and how you will minimize these threats?

In the scientific world, there is a word for any research conducted that falls outside of the norm: an experiment. But what does this word mean and how do you go about conducting one? In this article, we will discuss what an experiment is and what it entails, as well as some of the potential threats to its validity. We will also discuss ways to mitigate these threats in order to ensure that your experiments are as reliable as possible.

What is an experiment?

An experiment is a type of scientific research in which variables are manipulated in order to learn more about how they influence one another. The threats to internal and external validity pose a challenge for researchers during the execution of any experiment, but are particularly relevant when investigating novel phenomena or when conducting studies that are extensions or modifications of existing experiments. To minimize these threats, researchers must carefully plan and execute the study in order to ensure that it is as accurate and reliable as possible.

Question No. 5

Define descriptive research What are its major forms? Strengthen your answer with the example of Case Studies, Causal Comparative studies and correlation studies?             

Description research is a type of research that focuses on exploring and describing the experience of individuals, groups or organizations. This may include looking at their perceptions, thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Major forms of description research include exploratory research, descriptive research, phenomenological research and case studies. Exploratory research is used to generate new ideas or understand new phenomena. Descriptive research is used to describe and analyze experiences or events in detail. Phenomenological research examines the subjective dimensions of experience. Case studies focus on specific cases to illustrate a particular point or phenomenon. To strengthen your answer, consider the example of case studies. In case studies, researchers examine a specific case (in contrast to experimental or survey studies, which investigate a sample from which generalizable findings are drawn). They look at all the relevant variables and attempt to draw generalizable lessons from the case. So whether you’re researching descriptive marketing techniques, examining consumer behavior in the digital age or investigating copywriting techniques, description research will be an essential part of your arsenal.


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