AIOU Course Code 625-2 Solved Assignment Autumn 2022

Course: Perspective of Elementary Education(625)    Semester: Autumn, 2022 Level: M.Ed ETE

Assignment no 2

Q.No.1 What are the problems of elementary education in pakistan? How can these be solved?

(1) Wastage and Stagnation:

Of all the problems mentioned so far the greatest and the most menacing is the problem of wastage and stagnation. Vigorous efforts are needed towards reducing the rate of wastage and stag­nation. The measures already taken in this regard should be intensified par­ticularly to children from lower socio-economic groups.

The efforts for reduc­ing wastage and stagnation should be concentrated on grade – I because wastage is the maximum at this stage. Before attaining functional literacy, i.e. completion of study up to Class V, premature withdrawal should be stopped at any cost. Wastage is appalling in case of girls. Hence greater at­tention is to be paid to the rate of wastage and stagnation among girls, After the age of 9 or 10, the child becomes an economic asset because he can work at home or earn something outside.

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Q.No.2 Discuss the role of provincial institute of teaher education (Baluchistan). How can it be improved for capacity building?

  •  Established in 1996 With ADB Assistance
  •  Under control of BOC & Ext Baluchistan till 2007
  •  From January 2008 working independently under the directives of Secretary of Education, Govt. of Baluchistan, Education Department

Vision and Mission of Department


  •  To improve the quality of education in Baluchistan Province through quality In-service teacher education.


  •  The mission of this dynamic organization is to enhance the quality of education in the spheres of, building professional capacity of in-service teachers/managers, instructional material development and to conduct research activities in order to assess the impact of its role in the field of education in the province of Baluchistan.


Q.No.3 Examine teacher training programs of Malaysia

Teachers Training in Malaysia

The South East Asian country, Malaysia is certainly a destination for those who are interested in a productive teaching career abroad. Public as well as private funded schools exist side by side within the Malaysian educational system. The presence of a substantial number of primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities in Malaysia widens the scope of an aspiring teacher to bag a productive teaching job there. There are international and expat schools which are private aided schools which recruit well trained teachers with requisite certifications. Those who have Bachelors or a Masters degree in pre and primary teaching and an added certificate in teacher training programs like pre and primary teachers training, Montessori teachers training and nursery teachers training are ought to get an extra advantage during recruitment with a hike in remuneration.

Trained teachers are hired in Malaysia


Due to the high demand for trained pre and primary teachers in Malaysia, it has become almost a prerequisite for any desiring teacher to get trained before entering the teaching profession. Several reputed training institutions offer a varied set of pre and primary teachers training, nursery teachers training, Montessori teacher training programs aimed at making an aspirant fully conversant with all the appropriate teaching methodologies. Successful completion of these training programs assures a fruitful future for the aspiring teachers as it will enhance their employability in educational institutions helping them to acquire prolific teaching job in Malaysia.

Q.No.4 Elementary teacher education in Turkey is an examplary model for developing countires like Pakistan. Comment in detail.

 We have been told that the institutions will not be closed but a new administration will take over,” said a worried father of two sons who study at a Pak-Turk school in Lahore

Advocate Hafiz Arafat, whose children go to a Pak-Turk school in Islamabad, said they were concerned. “My children have been studying here for eight years. I find it astonishing that the Turkish government is alleging that the schools are involved in supporting Fethullah Gulen’s ideology…We have never witnessed anything irregular at these schools,” he said, adding that it was hard to explain to children the politically motivated decision of expelling teachers they have grown accustomed to over the years.

Q.No.5 Describe new teacher education program offered in Punjab. What are employment possibilities of these programs?

At early stage, after the Pakistan came into being, there were three Normal School in Narowaal, Pasroor, and Kasur respectively. These schools offered a 9 months teacher training course named as J.V Teacher-Training Course.

In Ghakhar (Distt. Gujranwala) the courses for S.V, D.M (drawing master), and O.T (oriental teacher) were offered.

There was also a Govt. recognized Normal Christian School in Raiwand for J.V and S.V Courses. All of these programs except J.V, later on, replaced by B.Ed Course. J.V later on turned into PTC.


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