AIOU Course Code 1423-2 Solved Assignment Spring 2022


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Q.1   Focus on the current situation of law and order in our country and give five examples depicting each of the following functions. Use appropriate expressions each time.

  1. Possibility

The law and order situation arises when there is insecurity, threat of violence or violence arising due to a host of factors disturbing the ordinary conduct of life and businesses in a society.

  • External aggression
  • Internal upheavals
  • Religious/sectarian extremism
  • Labor unions\’ strikes, boycotts, lock outs, and similar activities
  • Ethnic/racial/linguistic cleavages
  • Economy fact sheet
  1. Impossibility
  • Before time Election
  • cannot stop Imran Khan Long March
  • Cannot stop arresting PTI leader
  • cannot control on inflation.
  • It is impossible to control electricity current situation.

Q.2   Write a dialogue between a patient and a doctor to highlight the idea that prevention is better than cure.
  1. NOAMAN: Good morning, Dr. Mujtaba!
  2. MUJTABA: Good morning! What’s wrong with you?
  3. NOAMAN: I have been suffering from fever since yesterday.
  4. MUJTABA: Do you have any other symptoms?
  5. NOAMAN: I also feel headache and shivering.
  6. MUJTABA: Let me take your temperature. At this time the fever is 102 degree. Don’t worry, there is nothing serious. I am giving you the medicine, and you will be all right in couple of days.
  7. NOAMAN: Thank you, doctor.
  8. MUJTABA: But get your blood tested for malaria, and come with the report tomorrow.
  9. NOAMAN: OK doctor.
  10. MUJTABA: I shall recommend at least two days rest for you.
  11. NOAMAN: Would you prepare a medical certificate for me to submit it in my office?
  12. MUJTABA: Oh sure…………. This is your medical certificate.
  13. NOAMAN: Thank you very much. Please tell me how shall I take this medicine?
  14. MUJTABA: This medicine is for one day only. Take this dose as soon as you reach your home and the second at 3 pm and the third at night before sleeping.
  15. NOAMAN: What should I eat doctor?
  16. MUJTABA: You should eat only light food. You can take milk and fresh fruit also.
  17. NOAMAN: How much shall I pay you doctor?
  18. MUJTABA: You can pay consultation fee at the reception desk.
  19. NOAMAN: Thanks doctor.
  20. MUJTABA: It’s all right.
  21. NOAMAN: Thank you doctor. I shall see you tomorrow with my blood report.

Q.3   Given below is a job advertisement. Suppose you intend to apply for the said position, how would you write an application? What details you would like to add to make yourself to be the most suitable candidate for the post? Design your resume as well.

Your name


Contact details:

Email address:

Date: MM/ DD/ YYYY

Assistant Director (Admin)

Central Directorate of Engineering

23-N, Saving House, Markaz G-6, Islamabad

Mr. Noor Muhammad,

I am writing to express my keen interest on the engineer position in your company. I would like to present my CV with this regards. Having good verbal skills and writing style, I believe to become as asset to your organization. Original content and quick turnaround time is something I can offer you.

My experience and knowledge that I have gained in the past five years will be an added advantage to your company. During this span of time, I was responsible to design maps for some particular road and bridges. I was involved with management responsibilities as well. I have expertise in the management and development of different maps. I have worked with a qualified team of the UET engineering panel and provided them with good quality methods that would bring huge traffic to the designing. I have also worked in a number of departments and developed the good maps related to application and other forms. I am flexible and have good business relationships with the people I work with. Engineering had always been fun for me. I can think differently. Moreover, I am open to learning new concepts, which I believe helps me in the growth of my career. I know what it takes to be a good administrator and bring success at designing. I am looking forward to meet you and discuss on this further. I can be reached at (insert contact details) or simply email me at (mention email address).


Your name:……….

Q.4   Suppose your friend is appearing in a job interview. What five practical suggestions you will give him to enhance his/her chances of selection?

Job interview is a formal occasion. The interviewee has to be at his best in all aspects. Dress code, body language, language spoken, etc. have to be exceedingly polite, formal, and impressive. Whether telephonic or face to face interview, the interview must be at his/her best.

In case it is a telephonic interview, one must be very clear, impressive and convincing in his conversation with the interviewer. There should be proper wishing and answering of questions asked by the interviewer. In telephonic conversation one does not have to bother about dress code or body language, but communication skills is the only tool to impress the interviewer with. One must use proper tone, intonation, modulation, pitch, and volume of his/her voice. One must sound confident. And the most important thing to be kept in mind is the speed of speaking. One must not speak too fast lest the interviewer might not comprehend the words spoken by the interviewee.

In case the interview is face to face. One must pay proper care to one’s dress code, body language along with the communication skills. Formal, honest, controlled, relevant, polite and enthusiastic response to the interviewer’s questions is the best approach.

Q.5   Give a detailed description of one of the most common functions of the language ‘seeking confirmation’ with suitable examples.

Verbal communication helps us meet various needs through our ability to express ourselves. In terms of instrumental needs, we use verbal communication to ask questions that provide us with specific information. We also use verbal communication to describe things, people, and ideas. Verbal communication helps us inform, persuade, and entertain others, which as we will learn later are the three general purposes of public speaking. It is also through our verbal expressions that our personal relationships are formed. At its essence, language is expressive. Verbal expressions help us communicate our observations, thoughts, feelings, and needs. When we express observations, we report on the sensory information we are taking or have taken in. Eyewitness testimony is a good example of communicating observations. Witnesses are not supposed to make judgments or offer conclusions; they only communicate factual knowledge as they experienced it. For example, a witness could say, “I saw a white Mitsubishi Eclipse leaving my neighbor’s house at 10:30 pm.” When you are trying to make sense of an experience, expressing observations in a descriptive rather than evaluative way can lessen defensiveness, which facilitates competent communication.

Q.6   Write a descriptive paragraph based on one of your recent visits of countryside. Write a catchy topic sentence, add relevant supporting details and end it properly. Your paragraph should be both cohesive and coherent.                               

Spending time in the countryside can indeed be a very relaxing and memorable experience for anybody who likes to live close to “Mother Nature”. A visit to countryside is a unique and wonderful experience. My friend from college hails from a small countryside village located at the heart of the state. During the last summer vacation, I had an opportunity to visit my friend in his village. I packed up my belongings and boarded the bus bound for the village. The bus journey was for a painful six hours and thereafter I had to walk a mile by foot to reach the destination. It was a wonderful experience to walk in the natural surroundings. The air was pure and fresh. I was walking in the middle of huge tracts of corn-fields of gram and wheat. One could spot mustard fields in distance where the yellow flowers waved in the breeze. It looked like beautiful scenery straight out of a postcard. There were very tall trees at small distances from each other. The birds which had built their nests on those trees were chirping. There was absence of the regular noises of motor vehicles, which was very soothing. After walking for quite some distance, I noticed a light yellow house just near the pond. I could easily recognize it from the photograph which my friend had sent me. HE was standing in the verandah of his house and spotted me from a distance. We greeted each other and he introduced me to his parents and grandparents. They had a joint family and lived in a huge ancestral house. I stayed in the countryside village for almost a week and returned home with many joyful memories of the country life. The farewell given to me was emotional. It was a very touching moment for me. I was asked to visit the village again to which I readily agreed. It was a wonderful journey and visit to the countryside.

Q.7   Write a detailed essay of around 300-350 words on the following topic.    

Life is Action Not Contemplation

Life is not as hard as we think but we make it hard for us and sometimes, some people take it very easy that is also not good thing. Life is the name of struggle, hardworking, having excellent plans and to make life easy being more practical on plans rather than only think about that.

Action is the fundamental law of life. As life is impossible without food just like it success in life is also impossible without taking right step to achieve our goals, our drams or our passions. If one only thinks about their goals but not have any plan that how to do it or if he has plans but not act on it then how can he achieve them.

Sophocles says,

Heaven never helps the man who will not act

As a human being, we are the superior on the others creature. We are here not just for food, sleeping and reproducing but for us life is very expensive. It is full from opportunities. Need is only to grab those opportunities and act in it.

Contemplation is nothing but a waste of time. contemplation only makes one’s life more harder and not a reason of one’s happiness, but actions come happiness in his life as he achieve his goals.

There are many examples around us of those who successfully achieve their life goals only by act on them. For example, Neil Armstrong, who stepped on moon first, how can achieve his success if he just sit and thin k about it? But instead of only thinking, he made plans and act on it and see not only he achieve his goal but also earn a lot of respect and appreciation from all around the world.

Abraham Lincoln would not have come from the “Log Cabin” to “White House” if he had simply dreamed of a future glory in his youth. Similarly, Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is also a greatest example of action. By doing great efforts, He made a separate homeland, Pakistan, for the Muslims where they have freedom to live freely without any restriction.

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